Empowering Innovation in Vision Inspection



JEKSON USA Inc. launches ORION NXG, a next generation label inspection system powered with BPO NXG camera. ORION NXG is a versatile and universal label inspection system, capable of detecting / verifying / checking all the major types of Barcodes / Data matrix (2D) codes / Pharmacode / Batch Codes or Overprinting (OCR Optical Character Recognition / OCV optical character verification) and logos on the labeling material. ORION NXG is capable of reading various kinds of printing i.e. hot foil stamping, thermal transfer, inkjet, dot matrix and laser.


  • Smallest Camera in its class (45 mm x 35 mm x 30 mm).
  • Inbuilt illumination with high luminosity.
  • Uniform light distribution.
  • Inbuilt anti-reflective coating for reflective labels, cartons, leaflets and aluminum foils. Thus eliminating the need for filter adjustments.
  • Software enabled aperture setting eliminates the use of mechanical aperture.
  • Easy access for lens adjustment.
  • Non-blurred (clear) images of fast moving objects.
  • Easy mounting as camera is mounted directly, eliminating the base plate .
  • Picture in Picture (P-in-P) Technology: Multiple camera images can be viewed simultaneously in a single screen including the BIS NXG installed on Blister Packing Machine.
  • Intelligent Auto Detection with ROBOEYE: All Barcode / Pharmacode / 2D Code are detected automatically in all the cameras integrated with the software.
  • One Button Teach-in: Just press the scan button and the software will detect all the Barcode / Pharmacode / 2D Code and teach them automatically, eliminating the need to manually provide ROI.
  • Easy recall of previous batch settings : BPO NXG provides only a single model for all cameras inspecting the codes of the same batch. A single click is required to start the operation for all cameras for similar batches.
  • Error-wise Rejection Control: BPO NXG offers advanced options to allocate different rejection control to individual errors, even in the same camera.
  • Online Simulation: Thumbnail views are provided to navigate and view all the previously grabbed images. The images can be used to teach / edit a model or can be analyzed through simulation.
  • Customized Reports Facility: Print only what you want and prepare reports in your way.
  • Multilingual Support: BPO NXG can be operated in your language (ask for customization).
  • Online Shift Register: Graphical view of shift registers provides a dynamic view of inspection results.