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What is Jekson Vision? 
Jekson Vision is the world’s leading provider of Vision Inspection Systems for Pharmaceutical companies having its key focus on providing computer vision for industrial automated inspections.
What is machine vision? 
A Machine vision system is characterized as a comprehensive inspection device that is used for non-contact optical sensing. It automatically receives and interprets an image of a real scene to obtain information or control machine or processes. Machine vision is used for a wide variety of tasks in the automotive industry such as assembly or process verification, flaw detection, gauging, part location and robot guidance.
How can machine vision benefit my company? 

Using Machine Vision Inspection System for your company can provide you the following benefits:

  • Improved quality
  • Reduced rework
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved product reliability
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced warranty-repairs
  • Increased profit
When should I use Machine Vision? 
You should consider opting for machine vision if your inspection task is well defined and repetitive. You can also choose machine vision inspection system if you want your process to be highly fast and precise. Also the manual inspection can be replaced with 100% assured inspection by the use of cameras.
What are the components of Machine Vision System? 

Following are the components that constitute a Machine Vision System:

  • Lightning
  • Input sources and Optics
  • Frame Grabber
  • PC
  • Digital IO
  • Part Sensor
How do I choose a lens for CCD camera for machine vision application? 

Basic system criteria for selecting lens are:

  • Working distance
  • Field of View (FOV)
  • Object Resolution
What tasks does a Machine Vision System perform? 
  • Automated image capture
  • Event monitoring
  • Object tracking
  • Object and pattern measurement
  • Identify objects and actions
  • Interpret measurements and events for feedback and control
  • Automated image enhancement and presentation
What are the tangible benefits of using Machine Vision Systems? 
  • With adoption of this solution user could demonstrate leadership position in the market in embracing Machine Vision techniques for automation of production lines.
  • Use of Machine Vision system will create a positive brand impact
  • Allow implementation in other concurrent products
  • Create opportunities of increased productivity and its associated price/profit advantages
How can I get Jekson Vision’s product manuals? 
Product manuals are provided along with the product on purchase. You can know more of our products under the menu Inspection Systems.
How can I contact Jekson Vision? 

You can contact our customer care service representative at the following number or you can mail us at:

Is Jekson Vision a global company? 
Jekson Vision has grown to be an established power in pharmaceutical industries worldwide having its branches apart from India in USA and Dubai. Jekson Vision has achieved this brand name due through ensuring world class Machine Vision and Automation, backed by a very responsive after sales support system.
How can I join your organization? 
You can find the various openings at our organization under Careers menu. You can also mail to us your resume at careers@jeksonvision.com
I want a demo for your product. How can I get one? 
You can ask for a demo by contacting our Sales team at sales@jeksonvision.com
Do you provide and tool for Blister card inspection? 
Jekson’s Blister Pack Inspection System (BIS-NXG) inspects single color/bi-layer/coated tablets, single-color/multi-color capsules, clear-type capsules with granules, hard/soft gelatin capsules, printed capsules, etc. packed in transparent, opaque, colored PVC or aluminum foil. In addition, BIS NXG system can also be used to inspect white-on-white (with top illumination), combo-pack blisters and few types of after sealing blisters.
Does Jekson have any software for identifying Lables? 
The Full Label Inspection system from Jekson identifies labels that contain OCR, Barcode, Pharma code as well as 2D code.
Do you provide any offline code inspection system for Pharma industries? 
Genesis XP is a precision engineered handheld Color Pharmacode, Barcode and 2D Code reader designed for the niche Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Packaging environments. The light-weight design makes Genesis XP ideal for offline code inspection and is powered by the market leader Jekson Vision imaging technology.
Do you have any tool for identifying the quantity of liquid filled in bottles? 
Liquid Level Inspection System (LeIS) provides an application to teach and inspect the liquid level in bottles.
Do you have any tool to check for empty cavity? 
Jekson’s TamIS provides OCR and Print quality inspection along with checking for any empty cavities that may have been left at the time of filling the cavities.
Is there any software in your company for identifying tiny holes in blister packing? 
RAPTOR is a high resolution pinhole detection system for quality assurance on pharmaceutical packaging line. Raptor is a high speed inline inspection system for detecting pinholes, pores, fissures, foil fractures and cracks which may occur on aluminum blister packs during their cold-forming or lamination process and usually impossible to be seen by human eyes. RAPTOR’s optoelectronic technology detects pinholes up to 10 microns and is very easy to operate.
Are there any products that can inspect tablets on the go? 
The Track and Inspect System (TIS) is an innovative online inspection system that tracks and inspects products for various defects while they move on the V-shaped channels of the counting machine. The track-and-inspect approach helps in assigning comparatively reliable accept/reject tags to individual products than the non-tracking approach.
Do you have a tool to track a product right from its inception to its dispatch? 
ReeTrak System is a one-stop product that requires minimal human intervention and improves supply chain visibility through item level serialization.
I would like to know the types of camera involved in your vision systems. 
You can contact our customer support team at info@jeksonvision.com to order for your own copy of our product catalogs, user manuals.
What is the maintenance procedure to be followed after installation of your device? 
We have a dedicated maintenance procedure in our
How can I receive a hard copy of Jekson’s complete audited financial statements? 
Jekson Vision will provide all shareholders, upon request, with a hard copy of our complete audited financial statements - free of charge.