Empowering Innovation in Vision Inspection


About Us

Jekson Vision is the world's leading provider of Machine Vision Inspection Systems for Pharmaceutical companies having its key focus on providing machine vision for industrial automated inspections. We have an unmatched passion for innovation thereby helping our customers benefit from our extensive experience in Pharmaceutical industry. The Vision Inspection Systems that Jekson Vision provides to its customers enables a variety of systems to operate reliably, accurately and at higher speeds. Jekson Vision offers technology & expertise that has helped several Indian & multinational pharmaceutical companies fulfill their vision of producing quality products & offering solutions that are distinct, value-added and meeting global standards. Jekson Vision products are designed in accordance with international quality standards such as GMP, GAMP, FDA, 21CFR part 11 (Pharmaceutical industries), ISO and CE. Due to the high quality standards of our products, many Pharmaceutical companies worldwide use our products with great success and satisfaction. It is due to our ability to provide turnkey solutions that most of the pharmaceutical companies worldwide has selected us as a corporate supplier.


In a decade the company has added more than 200 satisfied tier one pharmaceutical companies to its list of satisfied customers. With operations from USA, Middle East (Dubai, UAE) and India, the company has installed more than 1000 systems globally; with more than 500 systems installed only in India. The company currently holds more than 70% market share in India.


Who we are

Jekson Vision is a Solution provider company that provides Machine Vision Inspection System to major Pharmaceutical companies situated across the globe. Jekson Vision has a rich experience that spans over a decade in developing vision based inspection systems. We at Jekson Vision strive to continuously innovate ourselves so that our customers are guaranteed to receive the most innovative solution for their industrial needs. Jekson Vision has its corporate head quarters at Ahmedabad, India and also has a presence in USA and Dubai with its range of products and services. Jekson Vision Inspection System products have been adopted as the standard products by majority of Pharmaceutical industries world over due to the rigorous quality principles adopted in making of these vision systems. Jekson Vision has emerged as the leading choice of Machine Vision Inspection Systems for companies worldwide. At Jekson Vision, we manufacture, install and maintain Vision Inspection System to increase our customers' product quality. Jekson Vision products meet high quality standards that are required for automated inspection. Jekson Vision Inspection Systems provides automation inspection while maintaining reliability and repeatability of results.


Advantages of using Jekson Vision Inspection System:

  • instantly improve your production processes
  • delivers 100% performance reliability
  • requires minimum setup time
  • reduces to a greater extent the production downtime thereby saving both time and money of the customer
  • Jekson Vision System can be easily integrated to a factory network or automation control system
  • Jekson Vision provides robust solutions to its clients by deploying high performance products on the production lines
  • Our customers can make use of the 24X7 customer support facility provided from Jekson Vision


What We Do

Jekson Vision right from its inception in 2001 has been involved in developing machine vision products for the Pharmaceutical industry. Jekson Vision provides services ranging from pre-sale assistance and performance evaluation, to after sales support, training and system upgrades. Our products enhance the bottom-line value of our customers' operations. Our R&D team constantly pushes the boundaries to deliver a product that is both reliable and would be able to sustain itself in the emerging global market. Combining the in-depth knowledge of our clients as well as our expertise in Machine Vision Inspection System we provide a standard solution to our client that fully meets their industrial needs.